Why I Vote

Partnering with HeadCount, a non-partisan voter participation organization, Penguin Random House has started an initiative encouraging people to register to vote, called: And in honor of that, I’m here to tell you…drumroll…WHY I VOTE! (You’re surprised, right? I’m sure you are.) So, why do I? Well, because OF COURSE I DO! Except, it’s more complex […]

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A Little Help From My Friends

**warning: sentimental ramblings coming your way in 3…2…1…** Writing is a solitary process. We writers (hunched over desks, faces lit by the bluish glow of our computer screens, mumbling to ourselves about coffeeses and deadlineses and preciouses… Oh wait, that’s Gollum. Anyway…) spend hours working alone, wadded up tight inside our imaginations with the characters […]

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Emerging from the Rewrite Cave

Hello from outside the Rewrite Cave! Or maybe I should call it a tunnel as there was an entrance, a very long (as in, eight-plus months long) middle, an exit, and even the metaphorical light at the end, at first a pinprick and then daylight, searing the near-translucent skin of my hermitage. In either case, […]

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