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Payback’s a Glitch

How far would you go for your friends? How far is too far? Is doing the wrong thing for the right reasons still…right?

When one of their own misses out on funding for her dream college thanks to her estranged, one-percenter father, five best friends plot a rectifying crime and ask themselves just that.




Nari, The Instigator: White hat hacker, social justice warrior extraordinaire, plotting world domination and kicking ass while looking cute.






Reese, The Diversion: Vivid like her multi-colored hair and creator of all things creepy-cute. Do what you want. Be who you are. Live a life without regrets.







Santiago, The Acrobat: Bound for college on a swimming and diving scholarship, he’d set his hopes even higher, if only he could get his parents to approve.







Keagan, The Getaway Driver: Doesn’t know what to write here. Loves Nari? And the rest of his friends? Likes camping and morality and will figure out the rest as he goes.





Bellamy, The Reason: Fan of facts, of problems and solutions, of big questions and bigger answers, of epic goals and the small steps that make them achievable. But what about a question with no right answer? A problem with no good solution?






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